The essence of a holiday.

A holiday is like a melody and you are its composer who decides on the rhythm.

Enjoy the slow pace in the morning, getting up leisurely whenever you want.

Rejoice at the symphony of breakfast until 12 pm with delicious sweet and savoury dishes.

Relax with the beautiful sea view in front of you, the soundtrack of the sea, coming through the windows, lulling you to sleep. Indulge in the panoramic terrace with Jacuzzi, relax under the parasol or go for regenerating walks along the shoreline.

Discover the region and its food and wine tradition to the lively sound of Romagna taking advantage of our central location within walking distance of Viale Dante, also conveniently located to explore the countryside by bike.

The people of Romagna have the rhythm of hospitality in their blood: you are in the right place to to make the most of your time.

All of our rooms have the sea inside.

Standard Rooms: vintage atmosphere.


Comfort Rooms: modern relaxation.


Superior Rooms: warm coolness.


Suites: the sea in your eyes.


Family rooms: double comfort.


Unique rooms

We believe that every room has its own personality, imbued with the stories and memories experienced by travellers over the years. So, we did not just refurbish the hotel with love, we also tried to preserve its history, paying great attention to all comforts and facilities that you will have available here.

Much more than a simple breakfast

Our breakfast is not just a simple breakfast, but a long delicious experience which begins every morning at 7:30am and continues until 12pm. A breakfast buffet prepared with great attention to detail with very fresh and authentic dishes like you would have at home. Not just a breakfast, but a way to make you feel pampered from the moment you wake up.



Here is where the sea touches your soul

There are times when you feel the need to switch off, slow down, recharge your batteries and start breathing again.

Doing it with a special sea view is even better! For your wellness and relaxation, we have reserved a panoramic area with Technogym equipment, a sun terrace with Jacuzzi where you can enjoy some time to yourself and recharge your batteries in complete privacy. You can book your exclusive space every day from 9am to 9pm. Please ask at reception for more information.



Exploring by bike

We provide a free bike rental service which will give you the opportunity to experience the carefree holiday atmosphere of Italian cult films such as “Time for Loving”. Exciting rides along the seafront and through the avenues of Riccione, the sound of laughter covered by the roar of the waves and the evening air caressing your skin. If you love cycling tourism, do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the Conca Valley and Park Monte San Bartolo.




The melody of your holiday



Sun terrace with Jacuzzi and a wellness area with sea view; special breakfast open until 12pm; a mouthwatering brunch box to be savoured on the beach; bike rental to discover the region; luggage storage, private parking and pet-friendly environments: welcome to the Little!



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The most popular theme parks of the Riviera; the famous bars of Viale Ceccarini and the shops of Viale Dante; a region rich in history with many fortresses and villages; wonderful excursions in a nature reserve between the sea and the hills; events and parties beneath the stars: welcome to Romagna!